Emmet Doherty

Musical Director

“Emmet is a first study, classically trained baritone, having studied with internationally renowned soloists; countertenor Mark Chambers and soprano Dr Rosa Solinas. He completed his Bachelor of Music degree with honours in 2007 at the University of Ulster’s Magee College in the newly refurbished Foyle Arts Centre. He continued his studies at the University of Ulster with a Master of Music postgraduate degree in Composition and Vocal Performance leading to a Postgraduate Diploma in Composition. He concluded his studies in 2009 at the University of Ulster’s Coleraine Campus with a Postgraduate Certificate in Post-Primary Music Education with subsidiaries in Drama and Media Studies”.

In a nutshell, I…am…amazing…! Only joking, but seriously… Na, I’m kiddin’, I’m kiddin’! Honestly though, I do have a lot of experience when it comes to singing, teaching and directing ensembles. I’m a member of the City of Derry Civic Choir, Codetta with whom I’ve performed at the BBC’s Proms in the Park and as a soloist on BBC’s Irish language programme Seacht. I am a former member of the Ulster Youth Choir with whom I served as Tenor Section leader for the duration of my time there. I have performed extensively as a soloist with the University of Ulster Choir and Chamber Choir and served as Musical Director in Christ Church, Londonderry for three years… wait, there I go again boasting!

All joking aside though, I agreed to take on the role of Musical Director for Encóre simply because it sounded like a great project to be involved in. It’s something Derry doesn’t really have at the minute and will be all the better for. It’s a chance for people from the city and even further afield, to get together and share in something so enjoyable. A bit of singing mixed with a bit of banter… sure what could be better!


Interesting facts about… Emmet

  • He’s not nearly as full of himself as this blurb makes him sound
  • He loves referring to himself in the third person…
  • I’m actually quite quiet
  • My favourite colours are green and black
  • I love chocolate
  • I hate change (things changing, not loose coins!)
  • When lesson planning, I’m VERY particular about which coloured ink I use; green for learning intentions, black for lesson activities and red for evaluations
  • I love stationery
  • I’m always late
  • Once I start writing something, I sometimes forget to stop…


Contact Emmet at emmet@encore.org.uk